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Ours is a modest-sized family-run business and this allows us to devote maximum attention to eco-sustainability and respect for the environment.
The majority of the skilled work in the fields is done by hand (pruning, sucker removal), shredding these left overs is done with the help of machinery. Fertiliser is applied twice yearly using organic products as much as possible.

Harvest and drying
Collecting the hazelnuts is done at the end of August using a mechanical harvester to gather the nuts which by this time have fallen to the ground. Drying is carried out naturally in the traditional way, allowing the nuts to dry spread out on the floors of the farm complex. Only when wet weather necessitates it are the nuts dried using hot air – as this process can have an effect on the resulting quality of the hazelnuts.


Grading and shelling
The hazelnuts are first graded by size, shelled and then sorted again using a moving carpet.


The toasting process is without doubt the most critical part of the whole process; it reduces humidity, enhances the fragrance and stabilises the flavour.

The resulting raw or toasted products are:
• Toasted hazelnuts
• Chopped hazelnuts
• Ground hazelnuts
• Hazelnut paste
• Spreadable hazelnut cream

The Farm

Az. Agricola Ferrino Massimo
Via Vernetta, 4
12050 Castino (CN)
VAT: 02911160048 
Fiscal Code.: FRRMSM73A10B111V
R.E.A.: CN 246734


Cell.: (+39) 3477853123
(+39) 3494739430
E-mail: [email protected]
PEC: [email protected]